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Mary Frances: “When you cook with love, the food just tastes better !” (English version)

Mary Frances is a woman of heart. Her blog, « LOVE-the secret ingredient », is filled with recipes, tricks and all types of articles about her passion for cooking. With Valentine’s day coming up, we had a chat with this lover of great dishes and great moments !

In cooking, why is “Love the secret ingredient”?

Mary Frances : When your intention is love, when you’re doing something for people you love, it naturally turns out better. When you cook with LOVE, even if you make mistakes, the food just tastes better. It’s rather magical!

(c) Mary Frances / LOVE - the secret ingredient

A note that your son wrote in a cookbook was the starting point of your blog. Is sharing a meal with loved ones part of the cooking process and experience? Why?

MF: Oh most definitely – sharing a meal with loved ones completes the process. Sitting around the table, conversing, lingering, learning more about each other, that’s what it’s all about – being together and enjoying each other’s company.

Love is one of your secret ingredients. What other ingredient is compulsory in your kitchen?

MF: Well honestly, it’s French grey salt. I grind it finer with a mortar and pestle and I just love the flavour it imparts! Whenever any of my friends travel to your country, I beg them to bring me home a bag of salt, as it’s so expensive here and so reasonably priced there.

(c) Mary Frances / LOVE - the secret ingredient

What is your last case of “Love at first sight” in the kitchen?

MF: I love any just-picked, super fresh vegetables. I once saw shiitake mushrooms in a store that were so white underneath, so fresh, so beautiful, I almost cried. I love cumin and I love my Le Creuset pots. And of course, I LOVE my new blue KitchenAid my boys gave my recently for my birthday.

In your opinion, what are the main ingredients for a successful Valentine’s Day dinner?

MF: Don’t make anything too complicated, as you will want time for other things. I like to do a simple veal chop, which is expensive and special, sautéed in butter and olive oil with fresh sage leaves. Definitely end the dinner with some variety of chocolate – a good rich brownie or a soufflé you’ve made ahead of time is lovely.

Describe “Love-The Secret Ingredient” in three words?

MF: Fresh, Engaging, Deliciousness. (And I have to add… from the heart!)

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  1. Hello Mary,
    I’ve been cooking at a very young age I always was eager to get into the kitchen the smells intrigued me I developed a passion for all kinds of food from around the world love is definitely a key ingredient when you put your heart into a dish it compliments everything!!

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